With OTN hub, health care providers can access relevant telemedicine choices for patient care, such as e-consult, e-visit and e-care, as well as professional development opportunities that can enhance their practice – all easily made available online from your desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Project ECHO

Project Echo uses the Ontario Telemedicine Network to link primary care providers in a supportive community of practice that will enhance their skills and confidence to manage chronic diseases in areas of scarce healthcare resources. The program shares best practices, reduced variation in care to improve outcomes through practice-based learning with specialists and a comprehensive care team to develop specialty expertise among primary care providers. Currently available for chronic pain management, mental health; and soon to come wound management.

Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS)

Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS) is a laboratory information system that connects hospitals, community laboratories, public health laboratories and practitioners to facilitate the secure electronic exchange of laboratory test orders and results.

What are the clinician benefits of OLIS?

  • Enables timely access to information for decision-making at the point of care.
  • Provides better coordination of care between multiple practitioners and within health care teams.

OLIS can be accessed via a certified EMR or web application. Click here to learn more.


Hospital Report Manager (HRM)

Hospital Report Manager (HRM) enables physicians to securely receive electronic patient reports directly into their EMR from participating facilities, allowing quicker access to information needed for making decisions about patient care, leading to improvements in safety and quicker follow-up care activities.

To register for HRM, contact OntarioMD at: report.manager@ontariomd.com



docSEARCH is a simple online tool that helps you identify the most appropriate specialist for your patients upon initial search, while learning about what workup information and forms they require before their appointment.

  • Helps reduce delays and redundancies
  • Learn about new local specialists
  • Up to date relevant information
  • Free to use

To access docSEARCH, please click here.



eConsult (Specialist Consult)

eConsult is a secure web-based tool that provides fast access to over 80 medical specialties when looking for the next steps in a management plan, or if it’s uncertain that a face-to-face consult is required.

Learn more about the eConsult experience through the following videos below:

Champlain BASE eConsult Overview (3:03)
eConsult Initiation (2:15)
Case Assignment (0:53)
Specialist Response (2:54)
PCP Review/Closure (1:55)

To register contact: econsultsupport@lhinworks.on.ca or 613.747.3258

For more information, click here: PCP eConsult Fact Sheet

Guide to OHIP Billing for eConsultation Services for Referring Physicians















Trillium Health Partners

The Regional Chronic Kidney Disease Program at Trillium Health Partners cares for patients with diminished kidney function and provides dialysis support when a patient’s kidneys are no longer functioning adequately.

Regional Nephrology Clinic Physician Referral Form

Click here for more information on the Regional Chronic Kidney Disease program at Trillium Health Partners

Halton Healthcare Services

The Halton Healthcare Services (HHS) Renal Dialysis Program, helps patients and their families cope with chronic kidney disease and its complications.

Click here for more information on the Renal Dialysis program at Halton Healthcare Services

The Ontario Renal Network

The Ontario Renal Network (ORN) provides overall leadership and strategic direction to effectively organize and manage the delivery of renal services in Ontario in a consistent and coordinated manner.

Click here for more information on the Ontario Renal Network