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Working With Older Adults With Parkinson’s: What You Need to Know

September 18, 2017 - October 15, 2017



Course Objectives
At the end of this workshop, participants will:
•    Understand that PD is a complex and progressive chronic condition affecting all aspects of health and well-being, and requiring advanced knowledge and expertise for effective management
•    Understand and be able to respond confidently to the health and social needs of clients aging with Parkinson’s (PD) along the continuum of progression
•    Identify and be able to connect older adults with PD and their involved care partner(s) to relevant services


Week 1: Overview of Parkinson’s
•    The basics of PD-Etiology, epidemiology, and demographics in the context of an aging population
•    Clinical manifestations and disease progression
•    Motor and non- motor symptoms and impact on quality of life
•    Current medical treatment

Week 2: PD and Self- Management in Chronic Conditions
•    Chronic versus acute conditions: Management versus cure
•    Self- management in chronic illness: Definition, benefits, essential components in the context of living well with PD
•    Medical treatment is not enough! The health team along the continuum of Parkinson’s progression

Week 3: Exercise and Function in PD 
•    How PD affects movement
•    Effects of changes in mobility on function with PD at different stages of the condition
•    Evidence for the importance of prescribed exercise in Parkinson’s 
•    Limiting morbidity and mortality related to immobility and falls in PD

Week 4: Putting it all together
•    Understanding and addressing the impact of non-motor and “invisible” symptoms on life with PD
•    Navigating the health and social care systems to meet the needs of people with PD and their care partners in different stages of progression
•    Atypical Parkinson’s and Parkinsonism: Presentation and challenges.

Instructors: Rebecca Gruber, BPT, MSc and Jan Goldstein-Elman, BSc(PT), MSc
One Step Ahead Mobility, Toronto www.onestepaheadmobility.com
Lecturers, Dept. of Physical Therapy, University of Toronto


REGISTER: www.aging.utoronto.ca


September 18, 2017
October 15, 2017