Ontario’s plan to contain second wave needs a dose of primary care engagement

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“.. The hospital-centric approach in the first wave made sense. The second wave, however, needs a more thoughtful approach. The majority of care happens in the community. Family doctors alone provide two-thirds of all healthcare visits, not to mention the care done by other community-based physicians including specialists, those providing diagnostic services and other health professionals. ..”

Family docs OPEN for business! by Dr. Carolyn Malec

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Ive been in my office every day since the beginning of COVID in March, 2020. I work in a collegial group of 4 family docs part of a dying breed of family docs still doing in-patient care at Milton District Hospital (MDH). In March and April, the phones were pretty quiet but we all came to work every day. As the months have marched on, we are seeing more and more patients in-person.

Dr. Carolyn Malec

Fee-for-service needs an overhaul by Dr. Ali Damji

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Fee-for-service is long overdue for an overhaul to bring it to the 21st century realities of medicine. Our current fee-for-service prioritizes volume of care, which can improve access, but may come at the expense of providing comprehensive care that is patient centred. These days, with our aging population, the incredible advances that have been made in medicine, and the advent of electronic record systems that puts years of data at our finger tips, a visit is almost never a single issue, single code visit. Yet this is what our fee-for-service system assumes. And this is highly problematic and frustrating both for patients who want to see a doctor that looks at the entire problem, and physicians whose payment models dont incentivize them to practice medicine the way they want to or are trained to.

Dr. Ali Damji