Family docs OPEN for business! by Dr. Carolyn Malec

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Ive been in my office every day since the beginning of COVID in March, 2020. I work in a collegial group of 4 family docs part of a dying breed of family docs still doing in-patient care at Milton District Hospital (MDH). In March and April, the phones were pretty quiet but we all came to work every day. As the months have marched on, we are seeing more and more patients in-person.

Dr. Carolyn Malec

Care of the Adult Suspected Confirmed COVID-19 ILI Patient in the ER or UC

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Intention for use:

  • To guide all providers of ED/UCC care in Alberta as to the basic care of adult patients with known or suspected COVID-19 infection to ensure such patients receive optimal, consistent and equitable care throughout the ED/UCCs of Alberta.
  • Recognize that the application of the guidance in this document will need to be adapted to the characteristics of each individual site, zone and department. 

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Sign up for ILI and LTC service readiness – How You Can Help Support Our Mississauga Halton Community During COVID-19

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In the MH region, In order to best support patients and providers in our community we have stepped forward to work with local OHTs in gathering this information so that personnel can be quickly deployed where required. By having this centralized collection point, it will help us coordinate and avoid individual physicians from having to complete this information for several different sources.