Mission Statement

To create a strong and united primary care community,
shaping the health care system to best serve patients, their families, and providers.

Our Vision

Healthier and happier communities throughout life.

The Values We Believe In

We are problem-solvers and want to find the best way forward with our peers, patients, and their families. We are bold and courageous and want to lead the way.

We are lifelong learners, like to try new ways of doing things, and embrace positive change. Our work gives us joy and purpose, and hope for a better future.

We know we can achieve more together. With our peers, patients, and their families, we reach out, build teams, work together, and support each other to create solutions.

We are all equals and belong to one community. We have taken different paths, but strive for inclusiveness, fairness, transparency, and equity in all that we do.

We each have a responsibility for making primary care a success. Together, we lay out a clear goal and know our role in getting there.

We value our relationships as our greatest strength. We discuss openly, listen with compassion, challenge each other’s thinking, and build trust with each interaction.